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Refrigeration Products

Vahid Refrigeration Industrial Group

Vahid Refrigeration Industries takes pride in its over four decades of experience serving the refrigeration industry. By prioritizing innovation and forward-thinking in the industrial sector, it has established a vision for development and directs its efforts accordingly. The company’s management has laid a strong foundation by focusing on all stages, including planning, marketing, and ensuring the suitable delivery of its products. This is achieved through the utilization of advanced machinery and comprehensive staff training as part of a modern system. Moreover, it has successfully obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality management system.

Vahid Ventilation and Refrigeration Company

The air conditioning section of Vahid Refrigeration Industries Group plays a crucial role in meeting the rising domestic demand for a wide range of air conditioning units. The group’s air conditioning products, available in standard or customized designs and various capacities, encompass:

1. Independent apartment systems, which comprise ducted split systems featuring factory hot water coils, as well as mini chillers.
2. Central air conditioning systems, inclusive of air-cooled chillers tailored for industrial, commercial, administrative, and residential projects.

These offerings cater to diverse needs and underscore the commitment of Vahid Refrigeration Industries Group to providing high-quality air conditioning solutions across different sectors.

Authorized Representative

"Official Representative and Direct Importer of Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer compressors, and exclusive distributor of Refcomp."

Valid Warranty

" valid warranty for products, spare parts inventory, and after-sales services for a minimum of ten years.

Specialized Consultation

"Specialized Consultation and Provision of Engineering Solutions and Technical Drawings"


“Vahid Refrigeration Industries’ attainment of ISO 9001-2000 Management Standard Certificates and Quality Certificates from reputable companies like COPELAND EUROPE and DANFOSS for the production of condensing units underscores its ongoing dedication to advancing the refrigeration industry in Iran.”


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